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Do you ever ask yourself...
 Why am I 
 doing this? 


I see it all the time. Entrepreneurs becoming so engrossed in their business they eventually lose sight of why exactly they started them in the first place.

They become so focused on putting out fires that their business stops progressing.

Going into unfamiliar territory is tough. I should know, I’ve been there and done it all before.

There’s not a business I've encountered that hasn't become stuck in some way, shape or form, and having someone to guide you who has walked the walk can make all the difference. My mission is to provide straightforward, practical support that keeps you focused on achieving your goals and growing your business.


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Over the years, I've owned, invested in and coached many businesses and business owners. 

In 2006 I created the takeaway ordering website Along the way, numerous people (and takeaway owners) told me that consumers wouldn’t want to order takeaways online.

After 7 years, this idea which started from nothing grew into the UK’s third largest takeaway site before being sold to JustEat.


I’ve owned and worked with multiple businesses since then. Some succeeded, some failed. But, in every scenario I was always able to learn, which is one of the critical things I value more than anything else.

Right now, I’ve found that what I love most is working with business owners, engaging with their ideas and sharing my experiences to help them get where they want to go. 

No matter what stage of your business journey you’re on, the chances are  I’ve been there before.


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Paul Chapman

“In short Bertie is brilliant. Smart and funny and with a depth of knowledge beyond most business owners.

His experience of growing, selling and running both big and small businesses is unique”

Matt Learner

“Bertie is a natural leader on many levels - great with people and numbers, very bright, good head for details without losing sight of the big picture.

He’s an experienced and successful entrepreneur and will excel in a wide variety of leadership roles. I’d jump at the opportunity to work with him again”

Trent Peek

"Working with Bertie over the last few years has helped me and my business tremendously. CCM is currently having its most successful year to date over its 21 year history. In no small part is this to the changes that have been implemented since working together.

The awareness, motivation and focus he has injected into the business is great."

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